Tell us your brow history. We need a comprehensive picture of your brows to understand your needs.

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Is this your first visit to a Brow Artist? *
Do you suffer from, or taking any medication for skin disorders or allergies? *
Do you use (or have used recently), Roaccutane or Retin-A? *
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Have you used a solarium, suntanned or spray tanned in the last 24 hours?
Have you had your brows professionally shaped?
Do they remove hair from the top of the brow?
Do they tint your brows?
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Home Maintenance
Do you tweeze your own brows or perform any other maintenance between visits to your usual beauty professional?
Where do you remove hair from?
Do you trim your brows?
Colour History
Do you use colour when styling your hair?
Is this how light/dark your hair is normally?
Are you due for a colour?
Are you thinking of changing your hair colour?
Is your hair predominantly cool or warm tone?
Waxing and Tinting History
Have you had colour enhancement (tinting) on your brows?
If so, did you have a negative experience?
Do you require a skin patch test 48 hours prior to your first appointment?