A's to your Q's

Q. Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

A. It's complicated. No, lashes applied at Bronze Bombshell Beauty will not damage your natural lashes. 

Poorly applied eyelash extensions can indeed damage your natural lashes. This can happen when eyelash extensions are too long and heavy for the natural lash to hold or are stuck together without each natural lash being isolated from its neighbouring lashes. These damaging extensions are hallmarks of cheap salons with no ongoing lash education. 

Bronze Bombshell Beauty are lash specialists and we take lash health very seriously. We will never jeopardise your natural lashes by over extending or not isolating lashes. We spend a great deal of time and energy on ongoing training and staying on top of new lash technology to keep you looking your best. 

Q. What kind of lashes do you use? What are lashes made from?

A. We use "silk" lashes at Bronze Bombshell Beauty. They aren't real silk (they are synthetic PBT), but are known as such for their soft quality.
Other types of lashes include faux mink (our other preferred option) and acrylic lashes.

Real mink and fox fur lashes are offered by some unethical salons. The cruel treatment of animals in harvesting their fur is against Bronze Bombshell Beauty's values. The animals are kept in poor conditions, small, filthy cages and are brushed/plucked of their fur. We do not support animal cruelty or promote using animal products for cosmetic purposes. 
In addition to the abhorrent conditions, the fur does not hold a curl and is irritating to our eyes.
If your current lash salon offers real mink, we encourage you to request they stop promoting this product on ethical grounds. 

Q. Can I get my lashes wet?

A. Yes, and you should every day!

After the initial 24 hour waiting period, we recommend washing your lashes with our lash cleanser every day. This removes build up of makeup, dirt and oils which deteriorate the lash extension adhesive. Clean lashes mean longer lasting lashes. 

If you expose your lashes to excessive water - like swimming every day - this may reduce your retention. This just means coming in for refills a little more often. 

Q. Do eyelash extensions hurt?

A. From application to daily wear, lash extensions should never hurt you or cause discomfort. If you experience any discomfort at all, please let your lash stylist know immediately. 

Q. Are eyelash extensions safe?

A. When applied correctly by a quality specialist, eyelash extensions are perfectly safe. Medical grade adhesive and sterilised equipment and supplies are always used at Bronze Bombshell Beauty. 

Q. Can I wear mascara on my eyelash extensions?

A. No. Why do you need to? Lash extensions are black and extend your natural lashes so there's no need for mascara. Mascara deteriorates the adhesive, clumps together the extensions and residue can jeopardise lash retention at your refills. Just don't do it!

Q. How long do eyelash extensions last?

A. The bond between the eyelash extension and natural lash lasts up to 8 weeks. Your natural lashes shed, taking the extension with it. We recommend refill appointments every 3 weeks to lash the new growth that replaces the shed lashes. 

Q. I want the longest, thickest lashes. How do I get those?

A. To preserve lash health, we will never over weight your natural lashes. We will not extend your lashes by more than 30% of your natural lash length. We will assess your lashes and let you know what thickness is safe for you to wear. 

Q. I saw someone offering extensions for a lot cheaper. Will you price match? Why do you charge more?

A. No. You can have cheap, or you can have the best. In this industry you get what you pay for. We invest in the best products, education, additional training and supplies. This is what makes our work so special and why our skills so sort after. 

Q. I have lashes from another salon, can I book in for a refill with Bronze Bombshell?

A. Book a consultation. We need to see if the previous work done is comparable with our own. If your existing lashes are poorly applied, removal and a full set will be required.