What's your Eye Shape? Eyelash Extension Styling Guide

It's well known that we're all different and come in all shapes and sizes. I've read countless beauty articles over the years about face shapes... But did you know about eye shapes?

Being eyelash extension experts, naturally, eye shapes play a big part when it comes to designing an eyelash extension plan for our clients. So I wanted to share our expert tips with you so that you can take advantage and get the best out of your eyes and your beauty. Can you guess which eye shape you are? 

Important note: No matter what eye shape you have, you are beautiful. We believe in a diversified world of beauty and no eye shape is 'wrong' or 'right'. You can even have a mix of a few eye shapes. We've mentioned celebrities with all kinds of eye shapes to show that you are beautiful no matter which eye shape you have.

Standard Eye Shapes

1. Almond

An almond eye shape (also known as the cat eye) is perceived in traditional beauty standards as the 'most beautiful' eye shape. This eye shape can carry off almost every look. You can do no wrong. The outer corner of the eye is wider and slightly upturned. 

Celebrities with Almond eyes include; Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde and Emma Watson.

2. Wide Set

As the name suggests, Wide Set eyes sit quite far apart from each other. When designing for this eye shape, emphasis is focused on the inner corners of the eye, to create the illusion they are closer together than what they actually are. A cat eye look is not ideal for this shape as it pulls the emphasis to the outer corners of the eyes

Celebrities with Wide Set eyes include: Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Amanda Seyfried, Daisy Lowe and Natalie Dormer.

3. Close Set

This eye shape is the opposite of Wide Set eyes and the design principles for balancing this eye shape are exactly the opposite. Close Set eye shapes benefit from emphasising the outer corners of the eyes, so this is where we lash the heaviest and longest to draw attention away from the inner corners of the eyes. 

Celebrities with Close Set eyes include: Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Kiera Knightly

4. Downturned

Downturned eyes can be challenging for some when it comes to eyelash extensions. If designed incorrectly, a Downturned eye shape can be easily exaggerated and appear even more downturned and pull the entire face down with it. 

The key to disguising a downturned eye is lift. Using a stronger curl at the outer ends as well as keeping eyelash extensions very short for the first section of the outer corners will ensure that the Downturned eye shape is not emphasised. The point of emphasis should be between the start of the iris and pupil when looking straight ahead.

Celebrities with Downturned eyes include: Katie Holmes, Anne Hathaway, Marilyn Monroe and Eva Green.

5. Small

Often paired with hooded eyes, small eyes can be made to look even smaller with heavy lashing. Open up small eyes with a strong curl and emphasis on the middle of the eye. 

Celebrities with Small eyes include: Alecia Keys, Taylor Swift and Megan Fox

Other eye shape factors...

So now it gets a little more complex. While we've just discussed the positioning of the eyes, there are other factors which are added into the mix. 

1. Hooded

This eye shape is characterised by the brow bone hiding the eyelid when the eyes are open and is often paired with small eyes. The danger when using eyelash extensions with Hooded eyes is that if lashed too heavily, the eyes can seem smaller and closed off. The aim for Hooded eyes is to open them up as much as possible. We do that by using a stronger curl and emphasising the middle of the eye. 

Celebrities with Hooded eyes include: Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez and Blake Lively

2. Asian

Obviously there are lots of diverse Asian eye shapes so these principles are generalised. Similar to Hooded eyes, Asian eyes generally lack a crease in the eyelid, making opening the eye a focus for this eye shape. Asian eyelashes are usually very straight and downward pointing so "L" shaped curls are used to counteract the downward pointing lashes. 

The flow of the Asian eyelid is often smaller at the outer corner while larger at the inner corner - the reverse of a western eye. In these cases a "Reverse Cat Eye" design, as used by lash legend Eva Zacharias, can be a stunning illusion. The Reverse Cat Eye design uses very short lashes at the outer corner, slowly increasing length for the first 2/3 of the lash line. Then working up sharply to long lashes at the inner corner. 

Celebrities with Asian eyes include: Sandra Oh, Doona Bae, Jamie Chung and Kimiko Glenn

3. Deep Set

deep set eyes.jpg

As the name suggests, Deep Set eyes are characterised by the eyes being held further back in the eye socket They are generally large eyes and can be overshadowed by the brow bone. This eye shape is susceptible to looking very heavy and 'aged' so it's good to use a stronger curl on this eye to give some lift and light. Heavy lashing is not recommended for this eye shape. 

Celebrities with Deep Set eyes include: Taylor Swift, Cher and Cameron Diaz. 

4. Protruding

The opposite of Deep Set, Protruding eyes bulge from the eye socket and can be very over powering on the face. Subdue the look of a protruding eye with a soft B or J curl eyelash extension, and cat eye shape to elongate the eye, rather than opening it further. 

Celebrities with Protruding eyes include: Nicole Ritchie and Christina Ricci. 




So do you know which eye shape you are? 

These eye shapes are just some of the factors we consider when designing a lash plan for our clients. 

Did you find this helpful? Do you have a question? Leave a comment below!