5 Reasons Your Lashes Aren't Luscious

Feeling a little less than fabulous? 

Eyelash extensions give you amazing beauty results with minimum effort.

But what happens if they don't live up to your expectations? Are your lash extensions falling out quicker than usual?

We naturally lose 3-5 lashes per eye per day in our lash growth cycle. If your lashes are shedding much more than this, these 5 reasons might be why. 

1. You aren't following your stylist's aftercare instructions
It's important to look after your lashes with your stylists instructions. That includes not pulling on your lashes or getting them wet within 24 hours of application. 

2. Hidden oil in your makeup products
Oil erodes the adhesive that attaches your extensions to your natural lashes. This will cause your extensions to fall off the natural lash. Check your eye cosmetic ingredients. 

3. You're crushing them in your sleep
If your noticing more lash shed on just one eye, you might be face smooshing in your sleep. This can cause friction on the side you sleep on, resulting in uneven lash loss. 

4. You're waiting too long between appointments
As lashes naturally shed and thin out, your lash line will be less defined, less dramatic and require even more care to get them back to beautiful. 

5. Your lashes aren't applied correctly
If you notice your lashes shedding excessively straight after an appointment, it could be an issue with your stylist. Humidity is a big factor in successful bonding with adhesive, as well as correctly applying the extension for maximum hold. 
If your stylist isn't isolating each natural lash as the extension is applied, your lashes may become stuck together and push each other out as they grow. This causes lash damage.


I hope this has helped you think about a possible reason behind why your lashes aren't in peak condition. If you have a question about lash extensions, simply comment below. 

Red lips & hair flicks, 
Lydia Kypros
Head Bombshell