Your Tan Diary

diary (1).png

The secret to a perfect tan that fades away without going patchy is perfect prep. 

Follow our tan diary for perfect tan results every time:

48-24 hours before tan

Wax or shave at least 48 hours prior to treatment to allow pores time to close. Dotting may appear otherwise. 
Exfoliate and moisturise 24 hours before you tan, particularly problem dry areas such as knees and elbows. 
Avoid any other skin products during this time, as they may act as a barrier
against your skin and prevent the fast acting tanning agents to develop.

Tan Day

Leave your skin clean - no moisturisers, perfumes or deodorant.
After desired tan development time, rinse with cool, luke warm water with no soap for 45 seconds.  

Pat dry. Your tan will continue to develop after rinsing, so avoid shampoo, moisturisers or soaps for 24 hours

Days 2-5 post-tan 

Moisturise everyday after applying your self tan. 
Use a gradual tan moisturiser so the tan is continually being topped up and tan lasts longer.
Take your tan selfie and don't forget to tag #imabronzedbombshell.

Days 5-7 post-tan

It's time to prep for your next tan! After day 5, exfoliate with a soft body polish on a daily basis to help your skin absorb even more moisturiser and keep it looking and feeling gorgeous. This also helps the tan fade naturally, rather than in patches.