4 Easy Ways to Achieve a Flawless Look this Holiday Season

The Christmas season is just coming faster than we thought. With our busy schedule in work, our families and in our social circle, it seems impossible to take care of our look! Well, don’t you worry girl, we’ve got you covered in achieving a flawless look with all the hustle and bustle.


1.      Make yourself glow.

Ø  How is this possible? Get a tan for yourself. Self-tans bring out the glow of your skin. It is also a low-maintenance treatment which you can maintain all summer, without risking your skin health. We love the MineTan range. But if you don't have time or can't trust yourself to get a flawless finish, why don’t you try a Perth spray tan from our salon!

2.      Make water your best friend.

Ø  The weather might be dry and with all the sleepless nights and cocktails, give yourself lots and lots of hydration. Water cleanses everything in your body. Water hydrates everything even your skin! Wouldn’t you love healthy and fresh skin?

3.      Eyelash extensions are your go-to look.

Ø  Eyelash extensions will cut your make-up time, let you sleep in and be selfie ready 24/7. Eyelash extensions make your eyes pop even without eyeliner. So you can feel polished and glam even when bare faced. They can only be applied by a qualified professional, so be sure to do your research when choosing your salon (or come see us!).

4.      Get your skin selfie-ready.

Ø  Be sure to have your skin selfie-ready. How? Don’t forget to have a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser with a broad spectrum SPF to hydrate your skin and keep you protected. 


Hope these tips can help you in this fast-paced season! Enjoy girl! :)