At Home Beauty Tips for the Party Season


With all the hustle and bustle of daily life, we seem to be overwhelmed when the party season pops up. We wonder what to wear, what make up to choose or even how to take care of our skin to look perfect while we mingle with family and friends. 

Well, to pre-prep your skin, sleep and hydration is a must. This is to avoid breakouts or dryness of the skin due to the stress and pollution we encounter everyday. 
However, here are tips on how to achieve a perfect skin for the party season.

1. Try to emilinate blemishes
> Sometimes we cannot avoid blemishes. Maybe you stayed up too late last night or you were just stressed from all the day's work. If you have a breakout days before your occasion, apply Greek yogurt on the blemish. This will unclog the pores leaving you pimple-free.

2. Do use an antibacterial gel to fight off oily skin
> This tip is for ladies who have oily/combination skin. The antibacterial gel will fight off shiny areas, especially the T-zone, which acts as a protective coat and locks in the moisture of your skin.

3. Choose the best primer
> Nothing beats a perfect healthy skin however, we need a good primer to make our makeup last the whole night of partying. A good primer will hold our makeup against the sweat and humidity while we talk and catch up with our friends.

4. Make your lipstick last longer
> To keep your pout looking luscious the whole party, try dusting translucent powder over your lips! This way you won't have to re-apply.

5. Make your blowdry last longer
> The simple trick of having an instant dry shampoo is to squeeze lemon juice on a cotton ball then dab it onto the roots to eliminate and absorb the oils. This will even make you smell fresher too.

6. To reduce the puffiness of your eyes, use green tea bags
> Green tea is not only a perfect antioxidant when ingested but the bags reduces the puffiness of your eyes. This is a must especially if you have consecutive partying nights!