Being fit and firm is necessary nowadays and considered as the essential to living a healthy lifestyle. However, how do we deal with sweat from working out while having a great bronze, Perth tan?


1.       Timing is everything!

Ø  After your tan application and development time, make sure to rinse your tan with lukewarm water for 45 seconds. This will help your tan develop evently and rinse off the excess self-tanning solution. Sweating it off will make your tan patchy.

2.       Do use baby powder to trap the sweat.

Ø  Baby powder is used to trap the sweat. It is recommended to put on the armpits, knees, elbows and wherever you start sweating to prevent the tan from getting blotchy.

3.       Be sure to moisturize!

Ø  Aside from not showering initially after the treatment, make sure to moisturise after the 45-second shower before exercising. Also, it is recommended to moisturise after working out. Make sure to use a tan extender to enhance your bronze colour.

4.       Change your clothes after working out.

Ø  Immediately change your clothes after you work out to prevent the tan sticking onto your clothes because of the humidity.

5.       Use the right product.

Ø  Not every tan product is made with the same ingredients. For instance, some do not hinder sweat. Make sure to use MineTan’s Fitness Tan if you’re a gym junkie. This protects your tan from sweat and maintains the colour you love to prolong your bronze Perth spray tan.