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There's no denying lash extensions are a luxury beauty treatment. Favoured by A list celebrities like Kylie Jenner, they are an intricate beauty ritual that only specialised professionals should apply.

Certainly, you get what you pay for, and I would never advise anyone to price shop when it comes to extensions.

Cheap looks cheap, and worse, cheap usually means lash damage, poor hygiene, low quality products, painful lashes and above all, can be a costly mistake to fix. Everyone gets extensions to look good, so why would you want to look cheap?

But that isn't to say that there aren't ways you can get more bang for your buck, and create a wonderful relationship with your chosen lash professional at the same time.  

Always research the work of your lash stylist - or better yet, ask for a recommendation. Make sure your stylist or salon regularly invests in up-skilling education (at least one external course a year) and quality products.

This poor girl experienced the worst kind of "cheap" extensions... clusters. They apply clumps of heavy lashes to the lash line without isolating individual natural lashes. This sticks lashes together and causes massive damage.  Don't worry, we helped her!

This poor girl experienced the worst kind of "cheap" extensions... clusters. They apply clumps of heavy lashes to the lash line without isolating individual natural lashes. This sticks lashes together and causes massive damage. 
Don't worry, we helped her!


1. Referrals

Referrals are a great way for lash artists to grow their clientele and your opportunity to give value to your stylist in exchange for a discounted rate or additional extras. 

Lash artists are always looking for great clients - not just anyone, they want to have someone just like you! Someone who values their lash stylist, takes care of their lashes and sings their praises. 

Ask your stylist if they offer a referral program. They might offer you up to 50% discount on your next refill if you refer a friend to them. This of course will apply after your friend visits. 

If you can supply a steady stream of quality friends (read: people who love the service and stay as long term clients) you could save yourself quite a bit in refills long term.

Don't be cheeky though - asking straight up for a discount for no reason is rude. You must give in order to receive. 

2. Commit and Save

Again, offering value to your stylist is likely to work in your favour when wanting more value from them.

If you're a committed lash addict, let your stylist know that lashes are a long term ritual you wish to invest in. In exchange for upfront payment of package of appointments or an agreed amount of payments, your stylist may agree to offering you a regular discount. 

For example, at Bronze Bombshell Beauty we offer a 10% discount as well as a long list of other benefits to our 12 month members, in exchange for their commitment. 

3. Alternative Lash Styles

If your budget is a bit tight, a good option is to downgrade the style of lashes you have, even if it's just temporary. While volume is the Rolls Royce of eye couture, there are other options available...

Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic and volume styles, giving you a taste of volume without the premium price tag. There is a bit of added fullness, particularly at the focus point of the design, and is a good medium range option. 

Classic extensions are usually the cheapest style available. This is because less product is used, and the application more basic. They use a ratio of 1:1 extension to natural lash. They are faster to apply - using less stylist time and therefore less of a financial commitment.

Bonus tip: Ask your stylist to use 0.12mm or 0.10mm diameter lashes when applying classic extensions and not to extend more than 30% past the natural lash length. These lighter lashes not only look better and are softer, but as they weigh less than the industry standard 0.15mm, they will last longer, avoiding premature lash loss with their weight.

4. Taking Care

So this isn't a budget tip, this is just good practice. 

Take care of your lashes. Cleanse daily with your stylists' recommended cleanser, avoid excessive humidity and make sure you're not exposing your lashes to oil products. 

Taking care of your lashes means you'll get the longest wear out of them - but be sure to attend your refill appointments regularly or else you might find yourself stung with a fee for extra lash loss. Generally speaking, if you have less than 30% of your lashes remaining, you will need a whole new set of lashes - definitely not worth pushing out your appointment by an extra week. 

I hope you've found these strategies helpful. To recap, offer valuable referrals, commit to your stylist, explore different lash styles and make sure you take care of them!

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