6 Steps to Sexy

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We all want it. Not everyone has it. Fewer know how to get it. Do you have it?

I'm talking about confidence. 

I was inspired by Athletic Fox's blog post all about the fastest way to become sexy AF.  In her blog, Rachel Guy (Athletic Fox) talks about body language, positive internal dialogue and imagination to exercise your confidence muscle and improve your sexiness. I love these methods and want to give you some extra daily habits to fast track your confidence journey to sexiness!

So here are my 6 really simple things you can do TODAY to get confidence and be sexy!

1. Indulge in underwear

Even if no one else sees it, the feeling you get from sliding on a gorgeous pair of knickers is second to none! Don't believe me? Try it! Get yourself some fancy panties and feel great knowing you look great underneath your everyday clothes. Who knows... you might be brave enough to sneak a peak to your lover. 

2. Start handing out compliments

Want to give yourself a boost? A warm fuzzy feeling? Give someone a compliment. In my opinion, not enough compliments are handed out these days. 

Think someone at the bar has a gorgeous dress? Love that shade of lipstick that sales assistant is wearing? TELL THEM! "That green dress looks stunning on you." Offering a compliment to someone lifts them up, heightens their attitude and genuinely feels lovely for you too, boosting your confidence. Watch their eyes light up like a Christmas tree. Definite confidence boost. 

Extra bonus - you get better at talking to new people, which is confidence building in itself.

3. Wear red lipstick

Or pink... or orange.. or peach... it doesn't matter what colour. Wearing lipstick is a subtle way to show some extra boldness. A perfect way to add some pop to your lips and be more vibrant in life. It makes you feel a little bit fancier, and a whole lot more confident. 

4. Get moving

From a gentle stroll to a vigorous workout. Make sure you get moving every day! Endorphins are released when you exercise, which is our brain's feel good juice. Exercise = feeling good. Feeling good = confidence. It's simple maths. 

5. Smile

It's your instant DIY beauty trick. And it's free. 

Smile and the world smiles back. Smile at strangers. Smile at your boss. Smile and watch how your mood changes. Fact: our mind actually shifts to positive thoughts when we smile. Watch your confidence soar. 

6. Pick one thing

Don't feel overwhelmed when trying to feel sexy. You don't have to have perfect. It really is about enjoying what you DO love. Showcase your perfect nose, your great rack, your juicy bum. Celebrate your strong legs or hourglass waist. 

Highlight your features by showing them off, or adorn them with special makeup or accessories. Whatever makes you feel good.  

Soon enough you'll start to love other parts of yourself too... welcome to feeling sexy. 

Sexiness isn't a look. It's a state of mind. Feeling sexy only comes with confidence, and I hope I can help you get more of that in your life by implementing these 6 simple steps.