WTF are Russian Volume lashes?

So you've heard the terms Russian Volume and Eyelash Extensions.

What does it all mean?

Russian Volume, otherwise known as ruvol or volume, is a specialised technique and style of eyelash extensions. Although the topic of where it first began is hotly debated between Russia and Ukraine in the industry, the term Russian Volume has stuck. 

The reason we love them SO much is that they increase the number of lashes you actually have (hence volume) and are super light, fluffy and beautiful. 

Classic or traditional eyelash extensions are applied to the natural eyelash in a one to one ratio. That is, one natural lash to one lash extension. For years this was the standard practice of lash stylists around the world. 

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Volume lashes were made possible by the development of super fine lash extensions. This allowed multiple lashes to be individually placed on a lash without overbearing it with weight, causing premature shedding and damage. 

Volume lashes are applied by creating delicate fans, made with two to six (sometimes more) extensions and then applying them with a small amount of adhesive to the natural lash. Generally speaking the wider the fan the more delicate the result. 

And just like that, the lash world exploded overnight. This new technique is difficult to master and you can expect to pay a higher premium for an experienced lash stylist proficient in this technique. Lash stylists who have mastered volume technique are highly regarded and trusted by the industry. 

Russian Volume lashes tend to last longer than their classic cousins. This is due to

a) being lighter on the natural lash
b) As the lashes naturally shed, volume lashes spread their fans over gaps. Classic lash extensions leave holes between the extensions as they shed. 

Care of Russian Volume lashes is similar to Classic extensions, although mascara or coatings should never be used on volume lashes. (For more care tips see my free guide)

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Pro tip: ensure your stylist does not use pre made fans, which can be heavier on the lash and cause damage. 

So now that you know what Russian Volume lashes are, I hope you get to experience them first hand! The light, delicate fans are so deliciously beautiful, I know you'll love them.

Red lips and hair flicks, 

Lydia Kypros
Head Bombshell


PS. Volume is not to be confused with Cluster Lashes.
Cluster Lashes are cheap and nasty, and cause damage to the natural lash line by gluing natural lashes together with no isolation. They are generally applied in less than 30 minutes, cost less than $70 and should be absolutely avoided!