Why you're crazy if you don't clean your lashes

how to clean your eyelash extensions

So you're feeling FABULOUS after your last lash appointment. You feel like you have the softest, most delicate, fluffy butterflies on your eyes and every time you catch yourself in the mirror you linger just a moment to flutter them....

One of the best things about lash extensions is that they are low maintenance - all you need is to arrive to your refill appointment and you're all set!

Well to keep them looking their best, you also must clean them. 

Makeup and your body's natural oil - sebum - can build up on your lash line and deteriorate the adhesive on your lash extensions. A daily gentle cleanse will keep your lashes squeaky clean and fuller for longer. 

Clean lashes last longer!

Cleaning your lashes couldn't be easier - simply use an oil free cleanser with a foaming dispenser and a soft bristle brush. With your eyes closed, gently apply a small amount along your lash line and massage in with the brush. Rinse well with water. Once dry you can use your lash wand to style them.


Pro tip: Brush your lashes in a downward direction (opposite to mascara) and  spin your lash wand to create fluffy full lashes. 

If you're still unsure, just ask us next time you visit or comment below. 

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Lydia Kypros
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