Myths BUSTED! 5 Truth Bombs about Eyelash Extensions

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When information is lacking, rumours emerge. Unfortunately for eyelash extensions, some people have given them a bad name. So we're calling out the haters and giving you some TRUTH about eyelash extensions. 

Myth 1 – Eyelash Extensions ruin my natural lashes

BUSTED! Ok so this one is a little complicated. The quickest answer is NO. THEY DO NOT RUIN YOUR NATURAL LASHES. 

Here's where it gets complicated - eyelash extensions do not ruin your natural lashes when applied by a professional eyelash technician who is committed to eyelash health

Eyelash extensions that are beautifully isolated, allowing each individual natural lash to continue its growth will not damage your natural lashes. 

Equally, eyelash extensions that are not extended over the natural lash by more than 20-30% will not damage your natural lashes. 

It's all about weight. Your eyelash technician should be able to assess the strength of the natural lash and apply an appropriate length and weight extension.

Here's a quick guide for lash diameter (each measurement is by the millimetre).  
Classic = .10, .12 or .15 at the very heaviest (no higher).
2-3D Volume = .05, .06 or .07
4-6D Volume = .05
7D+ Volume = .03 or .04

When looking for an eyelash extension technician, make sure you ask to see their certificate (specific to eyelash extensions) and they should also have had some upskill classes at a minimum every two years. It's quite often that someone with "experience" took a half day course 7 years ago and has not kept up with new healthy lash practices. 

A stylist who is a member of the industry body, ANZEI, is a good indication that they practice safe lash techniques. 

So what questions do you need to ask your lash technician to ensure they apply extensions in a healthy way?

  1. How long can you extend my natural lashes?
  2. Do you have a range of lengths and weights? What will you be using?
  3. Can I see your eyelash extension certificate?
  4. When was the last upskill class you took in eyelash extensions?
  5. Are you a member of ANZEI? 

And a final thought.... cheap lashes are never good and good lashes are never cheap!

Myth 2 – I can’t go swimming with my eyelash extensions

BUSTED - Yes you can! 

After the initial 24 hour water-free period, feel free to hit the gym, the pool and watch the notebook. Moderate water exposure will not affect your lashes. 

However, it's important to note that excessive exposure to water - daily swimming, hot yoga, sauna etc may cause your extensions to shed more quickly. This simply means your refills should be booked more often than the usual 3-4 weeks. You don't have to miss out on eyelash extensions all together. 

Myth 3 – Never clean your eyelash extensions

BUSTED! Whoever even started this rumour?

Every day, our faces are subjected to oil, sweat, dirt and makeup. Keeping your lash line clean will prevent this build up of oils, which corrode the bond between your eyelash extension and your natural lash. So give your lashes a gentle clean daily.

Always use an oil free cleanser specifically for eyelash extensions as oil is the arch nemesis of the adhesive used.

Myth 4 – Eyelash extensions are dangerous

BUSTED! When applied by a certified and reputable eyelash technician, eyelash extensions are not dangerous. 

However, the use of chemicals and tweezers near the eyes can be very dangerous when used incorrectly. A key factor in eyelash extensions is hygiene. Infections can be rampant if tools, lashes and equipment aren't properly sanitised. 

Another reason to do your homework when finding an eyelash extension technician. 

Myth 5 - Eyelash extensions hurt

BUSTED! Properly applied eyelash extensions should never hurt. 

If your eyelash extensions hurt, there is something terribly wrong. At no point - from the application to the wearing of them afterwards - should there be any discomfort. If you experience any stinging, stabbing or throbbing pain, let your eyelash extension technician know. You might need to have your eyelash extensions removed if the've been poorly applied or you are having a rare allergic reaction and should seek the advice of a doctor. 

So there you have it. You now know eyelash extensions, when applied properly, are not dangerous or inconvenient and can be a wonderful part of your beauty regime.  

If you have more questions about eyelash extensions. Just get in touch and comment below. 

Lydia "Mythbuster" Kypros
Bronze Bombshell Beauty