The Dark Side of Eyelash Extensions

It's true that eyelash extensions are loved around the world and are fast growing beauty trend.

Once an extra treatment performed by general beauty therapists, this skill has been crafted by the very best specialists. 

But what are they, what are they made from and who is suffering in awful conditions for the sake of beauty?

I want you to know the full story. 

Eyelash enhancements have been in existence since the 1800s, although modern eyelash extensions, as we know them today, were created in Korea and Japan in the early 2000s, using a single lash to natural lash. 

This new beauty trend quickly became a favourite of A list celebrities and by 2004 was a popular treatment for the stars and their fans alike. 

Modern eyelash extensions are made from a range of materials including polyester, synthetic silk, human hair and animal fur.  Commonly, most eyelash extension stylists use "silk" or "faux mink" which are both made from the synthetic material, PBT. 

But there is an ugliness lurking in the shadows... there are still salons out there using animal fur - predominantly Mink and Fox fur. 

The Dark Side of Eyelash Extensions that must be Stopped

*warning, disturbing information and images on animal cruelty ahead*

Bronze Bombshell Beauty is completely against the use of animal fur in eyelash extensions and cruelty to animals. 

The use of Mink and other animal fur in eyelash extensions is devastatingly real. The implied 'luxury' that is attached to Mink items, such as coats, is what drives the demand for this cruel commodity. 

In fact, real Mink eyelash extensions don't effectively hold a curl and can irritate the eyes, making them a poor choice for this beauty treatment. It is simply the connotation of luxury that demands this practice continue, and we would like to see it be stopped. 

Minks are killed for their fur at 'fur farms' and while some may say that the Minks are 'brushed' for their fur, don't be fooled. The conditions that these poor creatures are kept in are nothing short of disturbing. Overcrowded, filthy wire cages. Does that sound like something you'd like to wear on your eyes?

So how can we make a difference? By talking about it. By making everyone aware of the reality of Mink eyelash extensions and why Silk and Faux Mink are actually superior - cruelty free, and more suitable for their use. Education is key.

I've heard lash stylists say "I don't want to use real Mink, but my clients demand it!"

This statement is simply avoidance of responsibility. It is the salon and stylist that chooses to provide these materials, not their client. Their clients are more than likely unaware of the better lash choices out there or the cruelty associated with their eyelash extensions. If a client and a salon don't share the same values, including ethics, they are not a good fit for each other anyway. 

What can you do to help?

If you feel strongly, as we do, about ethical beauty; if your lash salon offers Mink or other animal fur eyelash extensions, please ask them to immediately stop the use of this product and be ethical in their choices... or simply look for another, ethical, salon.