3 Awesome Eyeliner Hacks for Eyelash Extensions

A lot of people love their eyelash extensions because they feel confident without wearing makeup. Many cut down their makeup routine to a simple BB cream and lip gloss. 

But what about when you want to add that extra drama? How do you go about wearing eyeliner when you have eyelash extensions?

Part of your aftercare advice when you have eyelash extensions is never to get products containing oil on your lash line. The oil corrodes the eyelash extension adhesive and can result in your eyelash extensions falling out prematurely. This costs you time and money - as you'll need to get more refill appointments. 

Many cosmetics, including eyeliners and makeup removers contain oil or glycol - the nemesis of your lashes. And if you don't have a chemistry degree, understanding ingredient lists is near impossible. 

So you need to arm your makeup kit with eyelash extension safe products. 

The lovely team at Blink have created three great products which are eyelash extension friendly... and they should know, they are a leading eyelash extension manufacturer in Korea. 

Eyeliners for eyelash extensions, by an eyelash extension manufacturer. You can't get better than that. We can now fleek those wings with complete peace of mind that our eyelash extensions won't become casualties. 

The range includes a pencil eyeliner, a liquid eyeliner and a makeup remover. We also love these products because of their quality. Easy to apply and long wearing. 


SMOKEY EYE - Using Pencil Eyeliner

The Blink pencil eyeliner comes in Black or Caramel Brown. When applying the product, it's able to be blended, smudged and buffed for the first 15 seconds before it sets, so be quick when creating a soft smokey eye. 


CAT EYE - Using Liquid Eyeliner

The Blink Noir Liquid Liner is smooth to go on with the built in applicator. Once applied, the liquid dries and lasts all day long. We just love it. 



Here's a great tip for removing makeup with eyelash extensions.

Vigorous rubbing and makeup wipes can damage your lashes, and we don't want that. Instead, dampen a cotton tip with the Blink Makeup Remover and run gently along the lash line. Voila! Makeup gone and lashes in tact. 

Makeup with eyelash extensions doesn't have to be a chore when you have the right products by your side. 

All of these products are available here: http://www.bronzebombshellbeauty.com/shop/

May your lashes be full and your eyeliner on point. 

Lydia Kypros