Rainbow Lashes Make your Eyes Pop! Colour Illusions to Enhance your Natural Eye Colour

Perth Eyelash Extensions

There's no mistaking that those with the most striking eyes seem to enchant everyone they meet. What if I told you that you could make your eyes pop without adding a hint of makeup? 

Make blue eyes sparkle, brown eyes shine and give green eyes brilliance? A colour illusion like no other is available to you right now. 

This eyelash extension trick is little known, but when used well, gives the most stunning results to any eye colour. 

It's all about adding coloured lashes. 

Now, I know what you're thinking... you want dark lashes, not coloured lashes! 

This technique uses coloured lashes in a new way, only accenting a set of dark lashes. They're virtually invisible but have maximum impact. By adding just a small amount of coloured eyelash extensions to the very lowest lashes on your lash line, the colour will sit next to your iris, and by comparison, enhance your natural eye colour. 

It's all an illusion of colour theory. That stuff you learnt in art class at school. All you need to know is which colour to choose. 

Brown Eyes

Congratulations, you have the most versatile eyes! Almost any eyelash extension colour will give your eyes depth and sparkle. My favourite is using purple or blue. 

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes have subtle greens and golds which can be brought to life using reds, pinks and purples. 

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes require oranges and reds to make them shine. 

Green Eyes

My favourite eye colour. Make green eyes pop with purple hues. 

Grey Eyes

Light, cool blues accentuate this beautiful eye colour.