4 Easy Ways to Achieve a Flawless Look this Holiday Season

The Christmas season is just coming faster than we thought. With our busy schedule in work, our families and in our social circle, it seems impossible to take care of our look! Well, don’t you worry girl, we’ve got you covered in achieving a flawless look with all the hustle and bustle.


1.      Make yourself glow.

Ø  How is this possible? Get a tan for yourself. Self-tans bring out the glow of your skin. It is also a low-maintenance treatment which you can maintain all summer, without risking your skin health. We love the MineTan range. But if you don't have time or can't trust yourself to get a flawless finish, why don’t you try a Perth spray tan from our salon!

2.      Make water your best friend.

Ø  The weather might be dry and with all the sleepless nights and cocktails, give yourself lots and lots of hydration. Water cleanses everything in your body. Water hydrates everything even your skin! Wouldn’t you love healthy and fresh skin?

3.      Eyelash extensions are your go-to look.

Ø  Eyelash extensions will cut your make-up time, let you sleep in and be selfie ready 24/7. Eyelash extensions make your eyes pop even without eyeliner. So you can feel polished and glam even when bare faced. They can only be applied by a qualified professional, so be sure to do your research when choosing your salon (or come see us!).

4.      Get your skin selfie-ready.

Ø  Be sure to have your skin selfie-ready. How? Don’t forget to have a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser with a broad spectrum SPF to hydrate your skin and keep you protected. 


Hope these tips can help you in this fast-paced season! Enjoy girl! :)


Being fit and firm is necessary nowadays and considered as the essential to living a healthy lifestyle. However, how do we deal with sweat from working out while having a great bronze, Perth tan?


1.       Timing is everything!

Ø  After your tan application and development time, make sure to rinse your tan with lukewarm water for 45 seconds. This will help your tan develop evently and rinse off the excess self-tanning solution. Sweating it off will make your tan patchy.

2.       Do use baby powder to trap the sweat.

Ø  Baby powder is used to trap the sweat. It is recommended to put on the armpits, knees, elbows and wherever you start sweating to prevent the tan from getting blotchy.

3.       Be sure to moisturize!

Ø  Aside from not showering initially after the treatment, make sure to moisturise after the 45-second shower before exercising. Also, it is recommended to moisturise after working out. Make sure to use a tan extender to enhance your bronze colour.

4.       Change your clothes after working out.

Ø  Immediately change your clothes after you work out to prevent the tan sticking onto your clothes because of the humidity.

5.       Use the right product.

Ø  Not every tan product is made with the same ingredients. For instance, some do not hinder sweat. Make sure to use MineTan’s Fitness Tan if you’re a gym junkie. This protects your tan from sweat and maintains the colour you love to prolong your bronze Perth spray tan.


At Home Beauty Tips for the Party Season


With all the hustle and bustle of daily life, we seem to be overwhelmed when the party season pops up. We wonder what to wear, what make up to choose or even how to take care of our skin to look perfect while we mingle with family and friends. 

Well, to pre-prep your skin, sleep and hydration is a must. This is to avoid breakouts or dryness of the skin due to the stress and pollution we encounter everyday. 
However, here are tips on how to achieve a perfect skin for the party season.

1. Try to emilinate blemishes
> Sometimes we cannot avoid blemishes. Maybe you stayed up too late last night or you were just stressed from all the day's work. If you have a breakout days before your occasion, apply Greek yogurt on the blemish. This will unclog the pores leaving you pimple-free.

2. Do use an antibacterial gel to fight off oily skin
> This tip is for ladies who have oily/combination skin. The antibacterial gel will fight off shiny areas, especially the T-zone, which acts as a protective coat and locks in the moisture of your skin.

3. Choose the best primer
> Nothing beats a perfect healthy skin however, we need a good primer to make our makeup last the whole night of partying. A good primer will hold our makeup against the sweat and humidity while we talk and catch up with our friends.

4. Make your lipstick last longer
> To keep your pout looking luscious the whole party, try dusting translucent powder over your lips! This way you won't have to re-apply.

5. Make your blowdry last longer
> The simple trick of having an instant dry shampoo is to squeeze lemon juice on a cotton ball then dab it onto the roots to eliminate and absorb the oils. This will even make you smell fresher too.

6. To reduce the puffiness of your eyes, use green tea bags
> Green tea is not only a perfect antioxidant when ingested but the bags reduces the puffiness of your eyes. This is a must especially if you have consecutive partying nights!

Perth Spray Tan Meets Hollywood Tan Expert, Jimmy Coco



Hollywood’s tan expert, Jimmy Coco spent a night with tan salon experts in an exclusive event organized by MineTan as he launches his signature professional collection.

Jimmy Coco is known for being the official tan expert for Victoria Secret Fashion Shows and has been recognized by the Kardashians, Heidi Klum, Ariana Grande, Ashley Graham.

Perth’s Best Spray Tan Salon, Bronze Bombshell Beauty, was honoured to be included in this glamorous event in Sydney.

With Jimmy Coco’s collection now included in our selection for spray tans, you can achieve the Perth spray tan experience and the Hollywood celebrity tan experience at the same time! We can now feel like a Victoria Secret model, thanks to Jimmy Coco and MineTan!

Here are some of the highlights – Photo Credits: @MineTan



How to Remove Hair When Having a Spray Tan


Having a Perth spray tan anytime soon? Wondered when and what is the most appropriate way to remove your hair? Here are some tips you can do:


Ø  Shaving a day before your scheduled tan is the best! Be sure to shave your legs, underarms, and any other areas to be sure that the spray tan will be applied evenly, and the tan won’t be adhering to the hair. Shave after a tan ONLY if there are stubbles coming out, but we recommend not to shave immediately after the tan as it might fade since shaving can strip it away.

Ø  How to Shave properly before Tanning

a.       Use the correct razor – using the right razor will give you less complications. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you use a razor for sensitive skin.

b.       Don’t skip the shaving gel or cream – Shaving gels or creams moisturize the skin and minimize dryness when you shave.

c.       Make Loofah your friend – Don’t skip the exfoliation before shaving. This will make some unwanted hair come out.

d.       Be sure to use a Bump-free lotion – Use a non-alcoholic lotion to avoid the area getting irritated. Alcohol-free lotions also help in getting razor burns which you might get after shaving.

Waxing and Plucking

Ø  If you’re more into waxing or plucking, be sure to have your hair removed 2 – 3 days before your scheduled tan appointment.

Ø  Never have your hair removed after a spray tan as it will strip your tan make it uneven.

Laser Hair Removal

Ø  If you’re more into laser hair removal, make sure to have a patch test first before your tanning to ensure that your skin won’t get irritated. If all is good, you can get your treatment a day before your scheduled tanning appointment.

If you want the best-looking Perth spray tan, be sure to follow these tips when removing your hair. Not only will you look bronzy, but these tricks will prolong your tan and care for your skin at the same time.

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